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Evolution of Curves is the official Curvy Fashion Tour infusing the best in fashion, beauty and dance.

Simply stated, The Evolution of Curves is a fashion showcase experience! A series of Curvy Fashion show tour that will be gracing a city near you and finally, a runway show that is not only entertaining but also educational and empowering. The TRUTH will finally be told about the impact Curvy women have in society! Evolution of Curves is not your typical runway fashion show. On July 18, 2008, ONE CHANCE ENTERTAINMENT introduced The Evolution of Curves in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL. The audience walked away learning and seeing that CURVY women have always had a place in society. Even with the many obstacles that we are faced with, as stated on the E! Network Bank of Hollywood “Curves are Back with a Vengeance!” After viewing one of our shows, you will walk away inspired, motivated, and impressed with this original production.

The E! Network Bank of Hollywood judges saw a glimpse of EOC and sent us packing to 6 cities. Sean Patterson, President of Whilemina Modeling Agency, stated “ My models can’t move like you” “This highly anticipated tour is set to stamp the curvy movement’s presence in mainstream society.” With Queen Latifah, Mo’nique, Oprah Winfrey being at the forefront of the movement, OCE will be making its mark on society that will leave audience members wanting and begging for more. Curvy women are the majority in the United States; with the average women being a size 14, The Evolution of Curves is set to Educate, Empower, and most certainly Entertain.


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